With coworking spaces gaining so much popularity worldwide, joining a reputable and well established coworking space comes with loads of benefits. CO-HAB has recently partnered with four other companies that offer coworking space. If you are a member at CO-HAB, you can access these spaces for free. For those who have not yet signed up at CO-HAB, click here to set up a membership.                                                                         

Stretton Centre

The Stretton Centre explores and enables local job creation through using its facilities & working in collaboration with thinkers, networks and industry. Situarted 30km North of the Adelaide CBD, the Stretton Centre spaces are functional and flexible, and designed to support learning, collaboration and activity.

Catalyst Collaborative

A modern and quirky place situated in heart of the Adelaide CBD for people who want to start or grow their business. At the Catalyst Collaborative you will access a community of like-minded people with opportunity to collaborate, cooperate and co-create sustainable business and self-employment.

Procurement Australia

Brand new, state of the art space providing exciting flexible business spaces situated in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and business centre. Procurement Australia’s up to the minute mixed business space is a professional and comfortable setting offering you individual plug in and play hot desks and larger flexible business spaces featuring state of the art technology

Tech Hub

The Tech Hub offers clean, functional and modern coworking facilities within the Perth CBD.

The Tech Hub coworking space is a community of like-minded and driven entrepreneurs, independent professionals and startups and businesses who are serious about building their business


Most research done about coworking spaces reveal that people who work in well-designed work environment with a community of likeminded individuals thrive more as compared to their counterparts who work in traditional offices. By joining our CO-HAB community, you will get free access to these coworking spaces as needed. Members at Stretton Centre, Catalyst Collaborative, TechHub and Procurement Australia also get free access to CO-HAB.








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