Code of Conduct

Co-HAB Tonsley Facility is a shared coworking space for its Members and not just a rented desk or office. All Members receive a copy of, and agree to, this Code of Conduct.

1. Respect the space and maintain a professional environment - leave the Premises in a clean and tidy manner and put back items in their original position i.e. clean up your rubbish, wash and put away the dishes you use, keep the kitchen clean and benches and tables wiped down. If you break something, replace it. You must immediately clean any spillage in the Premises or in the common areas. You must not burn any rubbish or other material in the Premises or the common areas. You must not accumulate rubbish.

2. Be kind, courteous and show respect to all Members, guests, visitors and staff. No abusive behaviour or behaviour that Co-HAB Tonsley believes will result in harm to staff, any Member, guest or other person, will be tolerated. In the interests of maintaining a peaceful environment, all Members and guests, must turn phones down, or to vibrate and will conduct phone conversations quietly, to ensure that all noise is kept to a minimum.

3. You must not personally or must not permit any other person to smoke in the Premises or the common areas.

4. Alcohol may only be consumed on the Premises responsibly and with the consent of Co-HAB Tonsley.

5. Recycle paper, cardboard, cans, bottles etc. where you can, by putting them in the bins provided.

6. All casual members must make sure the work area is completely cleared and available for another to use.

7. You must not live, sleep, or permit anyone to live or sleep, on the Premises.

8. Co-HAB Tonsley may exclude from the Premises any Member, guest or other person that it reasonably believes is behaving abusively or constitutes a security risk to the Premises or persons or property in the Premises.

9. You must comply with Co-HAB Tonsley’s reasonable requirements regarding access to the Premises.

10. You may not alter or move any part of the setup in the Premises or put up any partitions.

11. You will not store any goods or equipment in the Premises or the common areas, other than those supplied for that purpose, or in accordance with your Membership.

12. You must obtain the prior consent in writing from Co-HAB Tonsley to post signs, host events or use the Co-HAB Tonsley Facility otherwise than in accordance with your Membership.

13. Co-HAB Tonsley may close all or any part of the Premises if it thinks it is necessary for the safety of the Premises or any person on the Premises.

14. You must not use the name of Co-HAB Tonsley or any of its trademarks or logos without its consent.

15. You must not display in or outside the Premises or in the common areas or car parking area, any stock, produce, material or signage, or use any part of the area outside the Premises, the common areas or the car parking area for any purpose, other than by prior written agreement of Co-HAB Tonsley.

16. You may only prepare food (avoiding smoke and excessive odours) in areas installed for that purpose.

17. You must not interfere with, or deposit any rubbish or foreign material in, any drains, toilets, sinks, basins, water supply, gas, electrical plumbing or any other services contained in the Premises and use those facilities only for their proper purpose.

18. You must not do anything to interfere with the efficient operation of the services or amenities in the Premises including the air conditioning, the lifts, smoke detectors, fire alarms etc. and if so you will be responsible for any charges that may result.

19. You must not do anything in the Premises or the common areas that is likely to be dangerous to any person.

20. Promptly tell Co-HAB Tonsley about any accident to or problem with any services or facilities on the Premises or if they need repair.

21. You must immediately report to Co-HAB Tonsley about any accidents/injuries which happen on the Premises.

22. You must not store or use inflammable, explosive or corrosive substances or chemicals on the Premises or bring anything or do anything that may increase insurance premiums in respect of the Premises.

23. You must comply with Co-HAB Tonsley’s reasonable requirements for fire safety and observe and obey all fire or emergency drills.

24. If you are aware of a risk or a danger (including a bomb threat, fire, liquid spill, leak or any other similar thing) in any part of the Premises or common area, you must tell Co-HAB Tonsley immediately and obey any instructions given by Co-HAB Tonsley, including leaving the Premises.