Education is the driving force behind professional change. Fresh students and graduates can breathe new insight into a stagnating workforce - allowing for a dynamic environment of cyclical progression. How does coworking help further enable this process?

Entering the workforce via traditional means; such as being employed by a large company through graduate programs etc, is not the only option students and graduates have after they complete their studies. Coworking spaces such as CO-HAB offer valuable opportunities for young professionals new to the workforce, eager to approach their career with an alternative method and yield potentially greater results.


Many companies working out of coworking spaces have a lot of potential but sometimes they cannot afford to employ the man power they need. Taking in student and graduate interns is an affordable way to gain access to manpower while also providing valuable opportunities to youth. A simple internship has the potential to turn into a rewarding job – whether that be with the company they interned with, or through another company they have networked with through the coworking space. Several people working through CO-HAB currently have their jobs due to successful internships at our coworking space.

Small business / Start Ups

Students are developing so quickly that some come out of university with a business already at hand. Whilst this is great – starting your own business with little real-world experience is an incredibly difficult, and potentially costly task. Coworking spaces can provide graduates working on their own business an opportunity to move away from the education system and into a more business orientated environment. Not only are they accessing affordable office space to conduct their business – they have a network of colleagues with their own business experiences which they can impart on young graduates.

Work Trading

Working as an independent young graduate or student can be difficult at the beginning of your career. Without an established network of professionals, completing tasks can become overwhelming – especially when you are required to complete a task not related to your education or training. This is where coworking office spaces can become handy for young entrepreneurs alone in the business world. Trading work with your Coworkers can help you conduct your business as if you had a diverse range of employees, but without the costly burden of having to hire them. Instead of paying a salary you may want to elect to return the favour in work of your own. For example; an IT specialist could trade their expertise in exchange for graphic design work for their company.

Study/work balance

Many students – especially post-graduate students, currently studying their Masters or PhD are supporting themselves as they study. Some choose to work for themselves, sometimes as consultants or contractors, instead of working for an employer to maximise flexibility with their study. A coworking space for self employed students is an excellent alternative to working out of home or ‘out of office’. Having a space to where you have the flexibility of working your own hours while still being based within an office environment can give student workers the edge they need to stay on top of study and work.




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