Freelancing is a great way to work with what you’re passionate about and still remain independent - but how can combining that with a structured office environment benefit you?

Social – Humans are social creatures - working independently from home has its benefits but being able to socialise whist you work can foster a much more positive mental workplace attitude. Simple activities such as having a coffee break or lunch break with someone, having Friday drinks after a long week, or even carpooling can help break up a heavy work flow and make things feel much more manageable. Working in a coworking place such as CO-HAB will give a healthier balance to the worklife of a freelancer.

Networking –  Working with likeminded, ambitious people encourages you to focus and grow. Working with, and comparing yourself to others can help identify strengths and weaknesses and perhaps identify areas where someone within your coworking space can assist in your business. Having a pool of contacts that you engage with daily, specialising in a plethora of backgrounds and skills gives you the option gain help where needed or supply help for someone else – thus expanding your network and helping build your business. The opportunity for collaboration is right in your work space - all you need to do is ask.

Independence with support – The great thing about being a freelancer is the flexibility and independence of running your own business without anyone else for you to manage. This combined with a dedicated office space surrounded by likeminded peers can give you the support network your business may be lacking. Opportunities to collaborate and network are opened for you where once there may not have been - while still being able to work on your own terms.

Scalable – Any well executed business faces the potential for growth. As a freelancer you will eventually come to a crossroads between continuing as a sole trader or expanding and employing more people to help your business flourish. Working out of a shared office space such as CO-HAB allows for this dynamic change in business providing the flexibility of growing your business within the commercial property you currently lease as well as having that extended network pool to draw potential partners from.

Facilities – Having the opportunity to work in a coworking space, such as CO-HAB, provides more than just social and professional advantages from your fellow coworker’s. More tangible benefits such as high-speed internet, function rooms, board rooms, meeting rooms, even simple luxuries like coffee machines all add to your freelance business. Having all these things supplied at your finger tips means you can worry less about keeping your own spaces clean, ready, supplied, and focus more on what your business needs the most – you.

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