Coworking spaces are working wonders for different types of people. They are a source of convenience, flexibility, comfort and networking. One of the best ways of succeeding in a working environment is by cultivating productive and solid relationships with your colleagues, clients, subordinates and superiors.

Here are tips on how to build good relationships with others in a coworking environment:

Be a keen listener

Good listeners tend to attract the right crowd in coworking spaces. People hate being rudely interrupted when they are saying something. One of the easiest ways of developing positive professional relationships with others is through listening. Talking all the time without giving others the chance to express their thoughts doesn’t cultivate relationships.

Respect your neighbors.

Respecting other coworkers is extremely important. It is prudent to keep off other people’s spaces unless it’s necessary. Constantly interrupting others when they work is disrespectful. In fact, many people may start avoiding you if you do this on a constant basis. Consider working on your phone etiquette, lower your voice, and knock on office spaces if the door is closed. However, you will find that a lot of coworkers leave their offices open because many understand the power of collaboration in coworking spaces. It is worth remembering that respect is two-way traffic. You treat others respectfully and they will return the favor.

Adapt to the culture

Every coworking space has a different culture which relates to the "why" behind its establishment. Some coworking space are for women, some for tech gurus, and some are for social entrepreneurs.  Your choice of coworking space is your choice of values. Organisations are now able to pick which values they want to surround themselves with and also which values they want influencing them.

Be supportive.

You may want to consider being supportive to your coworkers or other professionals if you want them to be drawn to you. Sharing knowledge, advice, and opinions without belittling others can work to your advantage in a coworking space. Always offer your help to other coworkers. This can be advice on which logo to select, or which website template to choose from.

Look for positive common interest

Focus on establishing common bonds with them. Don’t hesitate to find out what you have in common with that client, coworker or investor you are meeting.

Have a positive mind

It is important to maintain a positive attitude at your workplace without overdoing it. Positivity can easily help you win trust. The clear majority of people tend to prefer working with those who are supportive, motivating and happy. Happy coworking!

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