Zachary Bailey

My profile

"I focus on user involvement in the software development process, and incrementally building the right tools for real-world needs. I hold myself accountable for ensuring my software is used successfully by my clients."

Requirements Analyst & Project Manager

I specialise in requirements analysis, incremental development, and user support.

My favourite projects include building new user interfaces, and setting up integration across multiple systems (eliminating double-entry of data).

Recent major projects led

  • Constructing and implementing a private-sector sponsored patient-accessible eHealth records system, launched in 2013, still in operation
  • Constructing and implementing a specialist job recruitment portal, taking over 400 applications per month for approximately 130 advertised roles each month, launched in 2012, still in operation
  • Constructing and implementing three case management and key record-keeping systems for government-sponsored projects, used for coordinating foreign aid volunteers mobilising overseas, and foreign students studying in Australia. Systems launched between 2012 and 2015, with all systems for still-active projects still in operation

Other projects led

  • Website development, and web support and maintenance for sites with over 500 daily views, using Joomla, WordPress and Magnolia CMS
  • Bespoke web customer-access portals with over 100 daily users (allowing customers to perform self-service actions via a website), including student enrollment systems
  • B2C and B2B web stores
  • HR systems
  • eLearning systems (Moodle)
  • Xero implementation and integration with eCommerce platforms
  • Point of sale system implementation and integration with other systems
  • Automated and on-demand cross-system reporting solutions using MS ReportBuilder and JasperReports
  • Event management software
  • Direct-messaging campaigns (email newsletter and bulk SMS)
  • Developing a brand-identity, marketing collateral, and building a business web presence (including social media management tools, search engine optimisation, and search engine / social media marketing)
  • Business process analysis and team process engineering
  • Website and intranet traffic measurement using custom tools, and Google Analytics
  • Website infrastructure (hosting, network architecture, monitoring and backups)
  • IP telephony requirements analysis and implementation (Cisco and Avaya)
  • Cloud-hosted email, messaging, document sharing and backup solutions (Google Apps for Work, Office 365, DropBox, and Owncloud)
  • Requirements analysis for GP patient records, appointment booking, billing and payment systems implementation (Medical Director, PracSoft, Appointuit and Tyro)
  • Website / web system security assessment. Firewall and IDS / IPS implementation
  • Single sign-on systems (using Active Directory, LDAP, OpenAuth)